Newcrest’s procurement function is responsible for sourcing and procurement.

Our goal is to ensure that value is achieved throughout the supply chain and that all transactions adhere to our Company Policy and Standards.

Newcrest’s Procurement function aims to ensure that we:

  • Establish relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties
  • Engage and support suppliers in line with our safety and health objectives and program
  • Treat suppliers and their representatives fairly, courteously and without bias or prejudice and that competition is open and fair
  • Establish business dealings and agreements that are satisfactory to both Newcrest and the supplier
  • Obtain goods and services from approved suppliers that meet internal and external specifications and are competitively priced
  • Transport Newcrest products in accordance with internal and external requirements
  • Meet all local regulatory requirements
  • Partner with our suppliers to capture value through safe. Efficient, continuous improvement and innovation.

Newcrest is a member of International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) and is committed to uphold the 10 principles of the ICMM.

This includes ensuring that we have a sustainable procurement framework and that our supply chain recognises and is working towards a shared commitment to adhere to these principles.

Our Supplier Performance Commitments publicly sets out our expectations for business conduct from all Suppliers wishing to do business with, or on behalf of, Newcrest.

Newcrest has partnered with C2FO to let suppliers request early payment of approved invoices through the secured C2FO marketplace.