Our Assets

Red Chris

70% Newcrest
Gold and Copper
1,700 kilometres from Vancouver, Canada
Red Chris is located in the
'Golden Triangle' of British Columbia

In August 2019, Newcrest acquired 70% of the Red Chris operation in a joint venture with Imperial Metals.

In March 2019, and following an intensive due diligence process, Newcrest entered into an agreement with Imperial Metals to acquire 70% of the Red Chris Mine.

The acquisition completed on 15 August 2019. We see this as a meaningful, yet measured entry into North America and believe Red Chris has the potential  significant expansion through the application of our technical expertise.

The size of this transaction was readily accommodated by our strong cashflows and did not put at risk our strong balance sheet and liquidity position.

Red Chris mine
Red Chris mine factory
Aerial shot of Red Chris mine
Red Chris mine
Red Chris employees overlooking mountains
Red Chris employee and Tahltan vehicle

Growth opportunities

We’re implementing our technical capabilities via a two stage transformation approach. 

Stage 1: Apply Newcrest’s Edge transformation approach
  • Process plant optimisation

  • Mine optimisation

  • Supply chain cost reduction

  • Extensional resource and exploration drilling program

Stage 2: Apply Newcrest’s industry leading technology
  • Block caving
  • Coarse ore floatation
  • Mass sensing and sorted
  • Deep underground brownfield and greenfield exploration

Sustainability and community