FY22 Highlights

Community Support Fund

Community Support Fund contributed to 67 initiatives since April 2020.

Global female representation

Increased global female representation1 from 15.6% 16.5%.

1. Australian, PNG and Red Chris operations only (excludes Brucejack)

Modern Slavery Statement

Released second Modern Slavery Statement.

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy redrafted to incorporate sustainability commitments (including human rights) and to integrate sustainability criteria into supplier evaluations.


Respect @Work program continues with a dedicated team focused on actions aiming to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Community expenditure

$50m contributed in community expenditure2.

2. All financial data presented in this Sustainability Report is in US dollars unless otherwise stated.

Water stewardship framework

Group water stewardship framework and target developed.

Newcrest Sustainability Fund

Announced Newcrest Sustainability Fund with a A$10m commitment in FY23.

Electric vehicle trade-off studies

Completed electric vehicle trade-off studies for Cadia, Red Chris and Havieron.

Biodiversity Action Plans

Implemented Biodiversity Action Plans at operational sites.

Statutory and Underlying profit

Statutory and Underlying profit of $872m.

Net Zero Emissions Roadmap

The Group Net Zero Emissions Roadmap has identified key steps for Newcrest to deliver its goal of net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 20503.

3. Newcrest intends to work across its value chain to reduce its Scope 3 emissions