Safety and health

The safety of our people and communities is the highest priority for Newcrest.

Caring about people is one of our values, contributing to a culture where health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do. 

The most important measure of our success is that we create a workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day and where everyone actively contributes to this outcome. 

Our Safety and Health Policy and Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) applies to all employees, and contractor systems must meet or exceed our requirements. 

Our Safety Transformation Plan continues to direct our efforts and deliver results. In FY20 we complemented the plan with the development of our Health, Hygiene and Wellbeing Framework. We also developed our COVID-19 Life Saving Behaviours program in response to the pandemic. It draws on the strength of our NewSafe cultural approach to identify the specific behaviours required to keep our operations COVID-19 free.

COVID-19 Life-Saving Behaviours

Wash up

Even if I’m in a hurry I will wash
my hands frequently and thoroughly.

Stay your distance

Whenever I am around other people
I will ensure that I stay a minimum of
2.0 metres from others or, where not
possible, employ alternate controls.

Stop at home

If I display any signs of cold, flu or feel unwell, or have been in contact with someone who has/may have COVID-19, I will not go to work, I will self-isolate from others and advise my supervisor.

Speak up

When I see others not adhering to the
above three behaviours, I will remind
them of our COVID-19 Life-Saving
Behaviours and ensure they
demonstrate these behaviours.

Our clear focus is on eliminating fatalities, life-changing injuries and occupational illnesses from our business, while striving to make continual progress on reducing all injuries and health impacts. 

We value learning and sharing knowledge to improve how we maintain a safe and healthy workplace, through an emphasis on safety leadership, effective management of critical risks, a focus on health, hygiene and wellbeing and robust process safety management.

We will only achieve our health and safety vision when:

  • we believe that all injuries are preventable
  • we continually strive to improve our health and safety management systems and practices
  • we value consultation and engagement with all personnel improving our performance
  • safe behaviour is a condition of employment
  • we accept responsibility for the occupational health and safety of our people, and we all accept responsibility for our personal safety and health and that of others
  • we provide effective training and the right equipment for people to work safely
  • controlling risk and ensuring health and safety is a key part of every decision
  • we promote off the job safety and support the wellness of our people

Our safety strategy is built on three key pillars – NewSafe, Critical Control Management, and Process Safety Management. The strategy builds on a strong foundation of group-wide systems and standards which have been implemented in recent years.

NewSafe is Newcrest’s foundation for building our safety culture 

There are three components to NewSafe – NewSafe Leadership which focusses on building safety leadership at all levels; NewSafe Coaching which specifically supports our frontline supervisors; and NewSafe Behaviours which takes our employees and contractors through a process to identify the most important safety behaviours in their area, and uses a behavioural influencing model to formulate their own plan to enable and motivate these behaviours.

Building on a solid foundation of major hazard risk assessments which Newcrest has undertaken for many years, our critical control management approach focuses on verifying the operation of the controls we have identified as being critical to preventing fatalities and life-altering injuries.

Completing our strategic approach is a continual improvement focus on Process Safety Management, an area of safety management which is primarily concerned with preventing high-consequence catastrophic events.

Our safety vision
Our safety vision