Our sustainability vision

Our sustainability vision focuses on four key areas; everybody going home safe and healthy every day, caring for the environment, developing and maintaining strong relationships with our communities and governments, and acting ethically and transparently.

Sustainable mining means engaging and respecting local communities, assessing and managing safety social and environmental impacts, and making ethical and transparent strategic business decisions. This approach delivers safe and profitable operations. ”

Newcrest Managing Director and CEO - Sandeep Biswas


Our integrated approach to sustainability is reflected across the company starting with
the charter of our Board’s Safety & Sustainability Committee and our Sustainability Policy

Within our business we have a range of sustainability-related policies addressing climate change, energy, biodiversity, water stewardship, human rights, Indigenous relations, and community relations.

Stakeholder Engagement activities


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Annual reports, quarterly production reports, half-yearly financial reporting, website and email, investor briefings, one-on-one discussions, investor days, conference calls, market announcements, annual general meeting and industry conferences.

Employees and contractors

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Employee briefings, intranet, email, newsletters, social events, notice boards, departmental site and toolbox meetings, performance reviews, site general manager town hall meetings, Speak Out Service, site-localised media stories, direct engagement between people leaders and their teams, Organisational Health Survey participation.


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Community Relations team visits, resident and community meetings, site visits, communication and feedback forums with leaders and communities, complaints and grievance mechanisms, sponsorships and partnerships, collaborative agreements, media engagement on local initiatives, community newsletters, factsheets, websites.


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Collaborative guidelines, out-to-market approaches, face-to-face discussions, performance meetings, contractual agreements.


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Face-to-face meetings, regular briefings, direct engagement.


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Market tenders, meetings, reports, face-to-face discussions and site visits.

Newcrest also engages in a wide variety of ways with industry and business, non-government organisations, education and research institutions, media and the general public. Engagement with these stakeholders includes face-to-face meetings and discussions, formal presentations, conference attendance, reports, media briefings, hosting visits to our operations, sponsorship and partnership arrangements, and via our website, email and feedback tools.  

Our Stakeholders

As a culturally-diverse company operating across many territories and sites, we focus on building and maintaining a constructive dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders, seeking feedback and acknowledging and respecting other points of view. Trusted engagement is fundamental to our success as a sustainable business.

Our stakeholders include our employees and contractors, shareholders, the communities in which we operate, suppliers, governments and regulators, and customers, along with industry and the broader business community, non-government organisations, education and research bodies, the media and general public.

Newcrest proactively engages with government, industry and our local communities in an open, transparent and honest way. We understand different stakeholders have different opinions and expectations about our operations; we respect other points of view and aim to develop mutually- suitable outcomes.

We use formal and informal methods to build and maintain our key relationships to keep stakeholders involved and informed about our plans and business achievements and to explore, record and respond to our stakeholders’ issues and concerns. The types of engagement our teams plan and use are tailored to suit the needs of the stakeholders involved.

2019 Sustainability Report

Sustainability report

Newcrest's Sustainability Report is based on guidance provided by the Global Reporting Initiative Standards and the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard, as well as ICMM’s broader member reporting requirements.

Safety & Health

Safety and Health
The health and safety of our workforce is a priority for Newcrest.  We strive to ensure everybody goes home safe and healthy every day.
Our clear focus is on eliminating fatalities, life-changing injuries and occupational illnesses from our business, while striving to make continual progress on reducing all injuries and health impacts. 

We value learning and sharing knowledge to improve how we maintain a safe and healthy workplace, through an emphasis on safety leadership, effective management of critical risks, a focus on health, hygiene and wellbeing and robust process safety management.
Safety and Health


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We recognise that environmental performance is a vital component of our business and our environmental policy guides our approach.
Our environment policy is complemented by a variety of environmental standards that set expectations for consistent environmental performance at our sites across all of the regions where we operate.

Newcrest reports our environmental performance annually through a Sustainability Report.
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Community of women
Newcrest has an open and constructive approach to community engagement and investment.
We know that our economic and social contribution is critical to maintaining our licence to operate and ensuring that communities see lasting benefits from Newcrest’s operations.
Community of women

Our people

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We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, valued and supported to bring their whole unique self to work.
Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of Newcrest’s vision, values and company culture.

We recognise that our different backgrounds and perspectives help us find better ways to: solve problems; attract and retain the best people; explore, develop and produce more gold safely and profitably; and help make Newcrest a better place to work. This is underpinned by providing our people with the training and support they need to deliver superior results.
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Climate change

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Newcrest is committed to the sustainable discovery, development and production of gold and copper. 
As a responsible miner, we must identify, assess and report our responses to climate change challenges.

Our Climate Change policy outlines our approach as we take action to manage our climate change risks and opportunities consistent with our objective to sustainably deliver superior returns to our stakeholders.
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Dams and Tailings Management

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Newcrest recognises that good environmental practice is critical to good operational performance and to building community trust and acceptance. 
Waste rock and tailings management are paramount considerations in our safety and risk reviews, project development assessments, and land rehabilitation and mine closure planning and implementation.
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