Speak Out

If you see something, say something

Newcrest is committed to fostering a culture of trust in an environment that encourages reporting of misconduct and unethical behaviour and providing protection to those who Speak Out.

All current or former employees, officers, directors, contractors, consultants, community members and third parties who work with us, or on our behalf are encouraged to Speak Out.

What should I Speak Out about?

Any misconduct, anything that may be unethical or illegal, any safety issues
or any serious breaches of our Code of Conduct. We want to know about your concerns and encourage you to Speak Out about:

  • dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt activity;
  • illegal activity;
  • safety issues;
  • unethical behaviour or serious breaches of our policies or standards;
  • conduct or practices that present a real risk of damage or harm to us, our people or third parties;
  • human rights;
  • conduct or practices that may cause financial loss to us or damage our reputation;
  • harassment, sexual harassment or assault, discrimination, victimisation or bullying;
  • a breach of any law which may impact our business operations; or
  • any other kind of serious misconduct or impropriety.

How do I make a Speak Out Report?

Newcrest provides you with a choice of channels for reporting, including the Speak Out Hotline which can be accessed online, by telephone or mobile app.

The information you provide the Speak Out Hotline will always be dealt with confidentially and respectfully, and reports may be made anonymously.

Speak Out reporting channels include:

  • Your line manager
  • Speak Out Hotline – online, by phone or mobile app;
  • Speak Out Protection Officer – by email or mail;
  • Ethics & Compliance Champion; and
  •  Eligible Recipient – identified in the Speak Out Policy.

Telephone contact details


Telephone number


1800 812 608


1855 867 7897


Claro Chile – 800: dial 800 225 288, then at the English prompt dial 855 867 7897
Telefonica: dial 800 800 288, then at the English prompt dial 855 867 7897
Entel (English): dial 800 360 311, then at the English prompt dial 855 867 7897
Entel (Spanish): dial 800 360 312, then at the English prompt dial 855 867 7897


For an English operator, dial 1 800 255 528 then at the prompt dial 855 867 7897


00 1855 867 7897


001 801 10, then at the English prompt dial 855 867 7897

Papua New Guinea

+675 986 5030 (not free call)

United States

1855 867 7897

What happens to my Speak Out report?

Reports are treated seriously and confidentially and may be made anonymously.

Newcrest’s internal Ethics & Compliance team receive, triage, manage and where appropriate investigate, or appoint independent subject matter expert investigators to investigate Speak Out reports.
When a report is investigated, it’s done fairly, competently, promptly and in line with Newcrest’s Speak Out Policy and relevant legal and regulatory requirements.