Our people

We're committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, valued and supported to bring their whole unique self to work. Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of Newcrest’s vision, values and company culture.

We recognise that our different backgrounds and perspectives help us find better ways to: solve problems; attract and retain the best people; explore, develop and produce more gold safely and profitably; and help make Newcrest a better place to work. This is underpinned by providing our people with the training and support they need to deliver superior results.

Diversity and Inclusion

Newcrest’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy includes both quantitative and qualitative performance targets, as well as:

  • Continuing to increase the representation of women across our business globally, with additional concentration on the representation of females in leadership roles within our business; and
  • Improving the representation of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander employees in our Australian business and representation of Indigenous, local and national employees globally.
Our focus areas:
Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Across Newcrest, we continue to focus on the relatively low representation of women in technical and operational roles, combined with low representation of men in support and administration roles. These traditional gender role perceptions require sustained cultural, social and behavioural change, which we aim to address through our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Our Diversity and Inclusion 2019-2021 strategy includes targeted activities and initiatives such as continued attention on improved education to reduce unconscious bias and specific communication regarding the benefits of diverse workforces.

Organisational Health Survey

Every year we measure the company’s Organisational Health in an annual survey. 

This year, a record 86% of employees and contractors participated in the survey, indicating high levels of employee engagement and a culture of comfort in providing feedback, which are important factors in building inclusive teams.

The results demonstrate our continued improvement and transformation of workplace culture, with Newcrest now ranked in the top quartile of surveyed organisations.

This year, for the first time, we also included elements of workforce diversity and inclusion in the Organisational Health survey. More than 95% of respondents said they were aware of Newcrest’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We continue to evolve our tailor-made leadership and management development programmes to help Newcrest’s people deliver on our Forging a stronger Newcrest 2020 aspirations.

This year we also established Talent Councils, helping us sharpen our focus on engaging and retaining employees, as well as identifying career opportunities to help our people reach their full potential.