We recognise that environmental performance is a vital component of our business and our environmental policy guides our approach.

Our approach to environmental performance includes:  

  • Inform all employees, contractors and vendors about this Policy and make them aware of their environmental responsibilities;
  • Throughout the life-cycle of our activities engage with stakeholders to identify and manage sustainable development risks and opportunities as part of our business planning and execution; 
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and voluntary commitments to which the organisation subscribes, as a minimum; 
  • Ensure effective systems, practices and documented plans are in place to manage and mitigate environmental impacts and pollution from our activities by proactively managing risks; 
  • Establish and document processes to identify and manage risks and opportunities for the efficient use of energy and water, manage emissions linked with climate change and reduce waste generation that lessens the Company’s environmental footprint; 
  • Ensure that integrated approaches to land use planning and environmental management are implemented in areas where we operate and/or manage that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity; 
  • Integrate mine closure and progressive rehabilitation into the life-cycle of our operations to minimise our environmental legacies; 
  • Continually strive to improve our environmental performance based on defined objectives and targets for monitoring, measuring and reporting performance; and
  • Report openly, honestly and in a timely manner to stakeholders on the Company’s environmental and sustainability performance.

Our environment policy is complemented by a variety of environmental standards that set expectations for consistent environmental performance at our sites across all of the regions where we operate.

Newcrest reports our environmental performance annually through a Sustainability Report.