Community Support Fund

Newcrest’s A$20 million Community Support Fund (CSF) was established in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is scheduled to end in June 2022.

Since its inception it has supported approximately 67 initiatives ranging from immediate health assistance to livelihood restoration and economic recovery across Papua New Guinea, Australia, Canada (British Columbia), Ecuador and Fiji.

During the period, Newcrest has focused on close out of active initiatives as demand for new initiatives has reduced in conjunction with the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

A new Community Support Fund has been approved to commence in July 2022, and will focus on support for improving resilience within Newcrest’s operating communities.

This new fund will be used to drive strategic social investments in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The priorities of the fund have been:

Containment and health assistance - While containing the virus is challenging, preparing for ongoing waves and outbreaks could be achieved with ongoing access to essential goods and medical services at a national and local level. This preparedness could also be applied to other compounded infectious diseases.

Livelihoods and recovery assistance - By providing direct economic benefits in Newcrest’s immediate areas of operation, community resilience and socio-economic recovery would be rebuilt not only to the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities but also to the suppliers.

Medical support -  Ongoing medical support and vaccine research would continue to help protect people and communities against the COVID-19 virus.

Economic and social impacts - The economic and social impact of the pandemic is profound and will continue to have long-term effects. Opportunities have emerged out of this adversity for Newcrest to strengthen partnerships across their areas of operation.

Partner Relationships -Newcrest has formed and built upon its implementation partnerships and relationships with host governments, communities, Indigenous and First Nations People to prioritise and deliver programs under the CSF.

21 June 2022
Partnership with St John Ambulance Service
St John Ambulance and Newcrest: Working together to provide access to emergency medical services in Morobe Province.
20 June 2022
Chamber of Mining of Ecuador syringe donation
A partnership was formed between the Chamber of Mines of Ecuador to rollout out the vaccine.
20 June 2022
KTF Project Airborne
Delivering a health-focused educational program to 372 elementary schools through the Kokoda Track Foundation.
20 June 2022
Orange Aboriginal Medical Services
Supporting the local Orange Aboriginal Medical Service to overcome low vaccination rates.