Investor Centre / Annual Report 2020


  • Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of Newcrest’s vision.

  • Across Newcrest we are committed to developing the leadership and management skills of our people.

Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of Newcrest’s vision, values and company culture. We aim to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, valued and supported to bring their whole unique self to work.

We established our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in 2018 and within two years have made solid progress in establishing policies and practices and raising awareness by increasing their internal and external profile.

Despite an initial increase in representation levels of gender and local and national diversity, progress and momentum slowed, and we needed to understand the root causes. During the financial year, the Board and the Executive Committee supported an initiative to refresh the strategy to leverage our strengths, address our gaps, and underpin this with a pragmatic multi-year action plan to meet our aspiration.

To refresh the strategy, we collected and analysed Newcrest’s internal and external labour markets, sought insights through stakeholder consultation at all levels across the business, and reviewed best practice strategies implemented by comparable businesses.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy remains focused on achieving measures that look at both quantitative and qualitative performance, as well as focusing on specific metrics, that include:

  • continuing to increase the representation of women across our business globally, with additional focus on increasing the representation of females in leadership roles; and
  • improving the representation of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander employees in our Australian business and the representation of indigenous, local and national employees globally.

We know that having a diverse and inclusive work environment goes beyond gender and local representation. It is about having an inclusive culture that values and respects differences, as well as supporting one another to achieve great things together.

Across Newcrest we are committed to developing the leadership and management skills of our people. During the reporting period, our 25 most senior leaders whose combined portfolio significantly impacts the performance of the business, met regularly as the Transformation Leadership Team (TLT).

The TLT came together several times throughout the year for TransformationMatters which is purposed to create connections and foster a collaborative approach to leading Newcrest. The TransformationMatters program has also been run for leadership teams and superintendents at Cadia, Lihir and Telfer.

Since its launch in 2018, our values-based leadership program LeadingMatters has been delivered to more than 400 leaders. The program is focused on building leaders’ self-awareness and personal development and business acumen to foster and grow high-performing teams. The program’s goal of developing middle to senior management has now been achieved. The next phase of leader development will flow from the new initiative, Newcrest Leader Expectations, being embedded across the organisation which will provide leaders with the skills to drive effective team behaviours.

Our ManagingMatters program continues to support supervisors to acquire targeted management skills, such as delegation, giving and receiving feedback, and coaching others. In FY20, 256 supervisor-level employees attended the ManagingMatters program. 

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