Growing good business skills at Gosowong

Business skills training at Gosowong

At our Gosowong operation, a local training provider teaches hydroponic farming techniques, business development, budgeting and business management to local women. Run by Hobata Farm, the community development programme is improving welfare in remote rural communities near our Indonesian mine by supporting village women to create enterprises that generate sustainable income.

More than 330 women from 83 villages near our Gosowong operations have benefited from the programme to help them set up and run small businesses.

Our camp kitchens have a significant demand for fresh fruit and vegetables, so this is an avenue that delivers mutual benefits. The mine’s caterer sources most of their food from Jakarta and Surabaya, but we have been supporting local farmers to complete hydroponics training so the caterer now hopes to source vegetables from the villages. Hydroponic vegetables tend to be fresher and healthier, and this saves money on transport and logistics.

Having completed the training, many of the women now run their own microenterprises, making sweet delicacies and cakes from cassava and tapioca, and juices from local fruit and vegetables. They sell to markets and government offices.

The programme promotes women’s economic empowerment by generating savings, encouraging self-management, and developing entrepreneurial skills. The women also receive support from our operations through technology and credit assistance.

It is one of the ways we invest in developing and supporting financial and economic sustainability in the communities in which we operate. 


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