Investor Centre / 2021 Annual Report

Our People

We are building a culture and work environment that is inclusive and supports challenge, so as to create the conditions for high performance that leverages the diversity of talent within our business. 

Best people

Essential to Newcrest’s ability to meet our objectives is our ability to attract, develop and retain the best talent. This requires us to have an inclusive and high performing culture where everyone can thrive and excel. When we have a culture and work environment that supports challenge, we create the conditions for high performance that leverages the diversity of talent within our business.

Our focus over the past year has been to build an inclusive and psychologically-safe work environment where all our people feel heard, empowered and able to speak up. This is the foundation for collaboration and innovation. It also creates a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination and ensures that everyone feels safe and supported. We also believe this will attract the best talent in the mining sector, regardless of their background or experience, and will grow the pool of talent available to Newcrest.

To consciously shape Newcrest’s culture our most senior leaders, including our Executive Committee, have been actively engaged in an inclusive leadership program to develop their skills in self-awareness, empathy, curiosity, courage and vulnerability, creating psychologically-safe environments and ensuring everyone feels they belong and are valued at Newcrest. This program was designed with insights from over 1,100 of our people across the globe. We have also set up a Respect-at-Work Taskforce to proactively create the conditions for people to feel safe to speak up and address broader concerns in the mining industry regarding the risks of sexual harassment.

Recognising that organisational culture is vital to our continued success, in February 2021 we articulated a roadmap to achieve our 2025 aspirations. This builds on the inclusive leadership program and involves our senior leaders setting the tone and expectations for our organisation.

Our refreshed talent and succession processes have focused on ensuring we promote, progress and support our diverse and high potential talent to access career and development opportunities. This is enabled by having a diversified representation in our talent and succession plans, a focus on promoting internal talent and targeted development action plans to support our early career talent and emerging leaders.

Newcrest achieved Work180 endorsed‑employer status which demonstrates our commitment to providing career opportunities to females. We also secured our membership with the Diversity Council Australia to provide all our employees and leaders access to resources, education and tools to support both inclusion and diversity initiatives.

As we continue our growth trajectory, we are building and acquiring the diversity of skill sets and talent we need as well as accelerating our capability to enable innovation, digitisation and automation of mining and related technologies.

Hiring external female talent


Early careers programs


female representation

Global female representation



During the financial year, we have made strong inroads attracting a greater diversity of talent. We have increased our global hiring of external female talent from 15% to 23%, thereby increasing our overall global female representation from 14.8% to 15.6%. We are focused on reaching our stated goal of increasing female representation in Australia having achieved a 37% new hire rate for female talent within Australia during FY21 and improving female representation from 16.2% in FY20 to 17.3% in FY211. In Canada, we achieved a 25% external female hire rate and exceeded our target representation of 16.8% females by finishing FY21 with 19.3% females at our Red Chris site.

We remain committed to retaining, developing and providing leadership opportunities to all our people, especially our female talent.

In line with our aspirations, we have continued to invest in and develop our early careers programs. We have been working towards a gender balance in our early careers talent pools and have achieved 49% female representation. This includes our 2020/21 summer vacation program which achieved 56% female representation, and our recent graduate recruitment campaign for our 2022 Graduate program will achieve 40% female representation.

Our resilient workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to test the resilience of our workforce. It has required relentless adaptability and flexibility to changes in our ways of work, and in many respects, it has accelerated positive change to allow for hybrid and flexible ways of working, increased use of digitisation and accessible virtual communication channels for us to continue to collaborate and enable business continuity.

At the site level, management teams have worked tirelessly to adapt to these new circumstances, implementing new health and hygiene standards to help keep people safe and healthy. Site teams continue to maintain dialogue with local communities around health advice, community health surveillance and sanitation practices. We are grateful to all of our workforce for practising our COVID-19 lifesaving behaviours which strive to keep our communities and each other safe.

  1. Newcrest lodges annual reports with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) in relation to its Australian operations. A copy of these reports may be obtained from the WGEA website.

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